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JUMPTO secure cloud web proxy is designed for Internet security. It permits access to any content in the world with privacy and anonymity.

Private and Anonymous Web Proxy

JUMPTO is a private and anonymous web proxy that has multiple technologies rolled into it, making it a better web proxy on the Internet.  There are many web proxies online that offer a variety of services at different price points; some of them are even free web proxies.  If you invite your friends to JUMPTO, the web proxy is also free.

Read MoreThe typical web based proxy has an Achilles heel; in using easy old VPN technology, security is often overlooked. JUMPTO’s web proxy server is layered with our own proprietary security software exceeding banking and military standards.  These standards make our online web proxy communicate with our other web proxies in a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) that is impervious to surveillance or attack from the Internet.  Our VCN extends all over the world.  Currently we have Canadian web proxies, UK web proxies and a US web proxy.  As JUMPTO grows, more proxy web servers will be added in other countries.  The best thing about JUMPTO though is that it is a free web proxy.  Free web proxies have been criticised for being sources of phishing, Trojans and viruses.  JUMPTO has been crafted to the most exact standards and we have been tested against viruses.  Our code and our proxies are clean.


IP Proxy for your Personal Protection

Your IP address carries more information about you than you may realize.  You should protect your IP from being discovered by using a proxy IP address.  JUMPTO provides you with a few proxy options but first let’s talk about everyone else.  A proxy IP address can be acquired from an IP proxy list which is an online list of proxy server IPs.

Read MoreWith this proxy IP list you can locate any proxy IPs from around the world or target specific US proxy IP addresses.  A US IP proxy will give you the advantage of accessing all your favourite sites which may be blocked by using other proxy IP.  Free proxy IP can be very dangerous if you do not know who owns the IP server.  Trust is a very big issue when choosing an IP proxy free or not free.  JUMPTO’s IP proxy is built into the Private Cloud that every JUMPTO user gets when they create an account.  No need to search for server IP addresses in order to protect yourself.  Get JUMPTO - all the IP proxy you could ever need and none of the work finding and configuring it.


Free Proxy Server from Anywhere

JUMPTO is a free proxy server that you can access from anywhere.  Regardless of location, the JUMPTO proxy network gives our users exceptional security and flexibility.  JUMPTO’s free proxy servers are especially useful when the network you are using is not secure.

Read MoreUsing our proprietary security protocols, the proxy servers free the users from worry or overly technical software set up and maintenance.  The JUMPTO proxy server, free from geographical ties, gives the users of JUMPTO unique abilities of stealth and freedom.  The network of JUMPTO proxy servers is global and each node gives users a different geographical arrival point.  Regardless of where you departed your journey, the JUMPTO free server proxy will guide you to a secure landing.  The security offered by JUMPTO’s proprietary software is simple to install and operate.  Even people experienced in the use of proxy servers say that JUMPTO’s proxy server acts like a proxy free server.


Securely Access Any Website with Proxy Surfing

It is true that from time to time we all get curious and want to look at sites that frankly we would be ashamed if anyone found out about.  With all the tracking that is being done on our browsing habits the only way to protect you and securely access any website is by using a surfing proxy.

Read MoreJUMPTO’s free proxy surfing allows you to surf anonymously in the privacy of your own home.  Proxy surfing has the added benefit that your private data is also hidden from the site you are visiting.  Surfing in this way is called proxy surf.  In JUMPTO’s case it is called free proxy surf because the JUMPTO proxy solution is free to download, install and use.  JUMPTO’s free surf proxy is a powerful tool to help you securely access any website.  Ultra surf proxy applications of JUMPTO are not covered by the free surf proxy model but carry a small charge to the user for the extra bandwidth.  Try JUMPTO, likely the best surf proxy that is available free.


Unblock your Internet with a Secure Proxy

There are many sites that are blocked to Internet users because of the location that you are surfing from even though you may be a Canadian citizen.  To unblock websites you need an unblocked proxy like JUMPTO.  JUMPTO will unblock sites from your Internet with a secure proxy.  Ever try to go on Facebook while travelling and it is blocked?

Read MoreUse JUMPTO to unblock Facebook.  YouTube?  Unblock YouTube as well.  JUMPTO has a built in proxy unblocker that does all the work of configuring a proxy for you.  No messy IP addresses to worry about.   Many proxy sites show you how to unblock websites;  at JUMPTO we will not show you, we will just do it for you.  You do not need an unblock Facebook proxy or a Facebook unblocker because JUMPTO will unblock Facebook and many other sites too.  Think about JUMPTO like a skeleton key or an unblock proxy.  Just imagine the sites you will be able to see now that the Internet is unblocked for you.


Proxy List for your Secure Access

Secure access to websites has been an ever increasing topic of discussion, the lack of security even more so, as large and popular sites fall victim to security failures.  So if the big guys can not protect themselves, what is a little guy to do?  Get the JUMPTO proxy server software.

Read MoreWith JUMPTO no more need for a proxy list.  A proxy server list is a list of IP addresses to give advanced users a list of new proxy servers.  A new proxy list is needed as proxy servers are often banned from the Internet.  This new proxy list, which is updated often, is usually a free proxy list.  However, pay proxy servers are mixed in with the free proxy server list.  The list of proxies also contains a web proxy list; proxies that are accessed by a website and geographical proxies like the US proxy list.  JUMPTO does away with all these lists because the proxies list is built into JUMPTO.  We have our own proxies that we rotate all the time to ensure continued service to our clients.


Proxy Service for your Privacy

JUMPTO’s security software is a Proxy Service with additional security protocols created for your privacy.  JUMPTO adds encryption, which is better than a VPN proxy service, to make JUMPTO security software quite likely the best proxy service online.

Read MoreJUMPTO’s anonymous proxy service is a free proxy service.  The download, installation and use of JUMPTO is completely free.  JUMPTO is also a paid proxy service.  If you use JUMPTO a lot you will run out of bandwidth.  You can purchase more bandwidth as a one-time purchase or as a subscription.  The privacy that JUMPTO gives you can also take the form of placing your presence in another country.  We have Canadian proxy service, UK proxy service and US proxy service.  These proxy services can be used one at a time and switching between them very simple; no numbers to look up or remember.  Just follow the map, the flag or the country name, JUMPTO does the rest.  The JUMPTO web proxy service is likely the best anonymous proxy service because of its ability to change your country in your Private Cloud.  Try out JUMPTO and get the privacy for yourself.


Proxy Bypass Allows Access while Travelling

So you do a lot of travelling, leaving behind your Canadian friends and family.  You get to your hotel and hook up your computer and your favourite sites are not available.  Nothing is wrong with your computer or the Internet; your sites are being blocked.

Read MoreLooks like you need a proxy bypass like JUMPTO.  In order to access popular sites in some countries you need a bypass proxy.  A bypass proxy server is a server that will assist you to proxy bypass website content that you would normally access at home.  A Facebook bypass proxy is a special purpose proxy that is really not needed with JUMPTO as the JUMPTO free proxy bypass works on all blocked sites.  Facebook proxy bypass, school proxy bypass and YouTube proxy bypass are all part of the JUMPTO bypass firewall proxy, which is included free with the JUMPTO download.  So share this bypass proxy Facebook users, tell everyone.  Get JUMPTO to bypass content blocks when you leave home.


Proxy Site for all your Internet Privacy Needs

Internet Privacy has been somewhat of an oxymoron for some time.  What privacy on the Internet?  There is none, until now.  JUMPTO gives you the kind of privacy that outdoes even the best proxy sites.  JUMPTO is not a proxy site, it is better.  There are many proxy sites online.

Read MoreThere are free proxy sites, Facebook proxy sites and YouTube proxy sites.  There are new proxy sites coming out each and every day.  Who can keep up with them all?  All claim to be a free proxy site or the best proxy site yet they are all using old technology, which has been shown in the recent past to be lacking in the security department.  Every day the proxy site list grows and grows because proxy sites are usually banned when discovered.  Many people search for software to unblock proxy sites but the best way to use a proxy for privacy is to get JUMPTO.  You do not need to fuss with proxy lists or IP numbers.  We do all that for you and ensure that your privacy and continued access to the content you want is there for you.


Is Jumpto Better than Any VPN Proxy?

The VPN is really old technology.  VPN was originally made to connect two machines; a VPN client and a VPN server.  It was never intended to connect multiple machines let alone entire networks.  Even with new features, a VPN service offering strong VPN is no match for the proprietary software that powers JUMPTO.

Read MoreJUMPTO has a unique solution to the VPN proxy wars.  JUMPTO is not a VPN, it is not just a proxy either.  It does work like both though and has the added advantage of strong encryption.  So if you are looking for a free VPN proxy, you sort of found something better in JUMPTO.  Even if you are looking to pay for a VPN proxy, JUMPTO will provide that for you too.  JUMPTO is free to download, install and use.  If you use it a lot though, that is when you will need to purchase additional secure bandwidth.  But even if you do need to purchase bandwidth, it will not break the bank.  Bandwidth prices start at $0.50 per Gigabyte.  There are some VPN software features that JUMPTO is still improving.  These JUMPTO cloud applications will be available shortly and also speak to the needs of Enterprise users.  To the free VPN vendors of the world, move over, JUMPTO is here with a better version of a proxy VPN.  Check out JUMPTO.


Turn your Browser into a Secure Proxy Browser

So you downloaded and installed JUMPTO and you took a look at the JUMPTO browser.  You want more features.  You want your own bookmarks and a history.  Remember that the JUMPTO Secure Browser was created with security in mind.  JUMPTO took out all the useless stuff that would compromise security, like bookmarks and history.  But you want those features back, here is how.

Read MoreJUMPTO has the ability to proxy browsers, any browser you want really.  To act as a proxy browser all you need to do is check the “Route all traffic through Jumpto” box identified by the friendly blue “NEW” icon right beside it.  Once JUMPTO launches, all your Internet traffic will be secured by JUMPTO.  You can check your proxy browsing by going to sites like to check your machines IP before you turn on JUMPTO and after.  You will be amazed at how simple it is to proxy browsers.  We can proxy Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE and any other esoteric PC browser you can think of.  So download JUMPTO and see how your browser can be proxied and secured.