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Secure Kids

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JUMPTO Internet security includes a secure web browser developed for the protection of children that provides a safe "walled garden" Internet.
Please note that any third party websites listed in the screenshot of our Secure Kids web browser are for illustration purposes only.  No endorsement of JUMPTO Media Inc. or our services by such third parties is intended or implied.  Any trademarks, logos and copyright are the property of their respective owners.

Web Browser just for Kids

Jumpto's team created a secure web browser specifically designed for securing children on the Internet. It is primarily designed to protect the privacy and identity of children while surfing the web.

Read MoreJumpto secure kids solution assures parents that their children will not be exposed to inappropriate materials on the Internet. All content is filtered and age appropriate.


Anonymous Surfing for Kids

Jumpto hides your child's identity by masking and encrypting every bit of information that your child sends or receives on the Internet. This anonymity protects your child from unwanted attention.

Read MoreWhile using the Jumpto secure kids browser, all information related to your child's searching and viewing is invisible to everyone else on the Internet.


Parental Controls and Monitoring

Jumpto provides parents with full control over their childrens' browsing habits. Parents can personally approve content that is published to their children and can monitor their history and search activities.

Read MoreParents can control their child's browser including their user names and passwords as well as access days and times. 


Unknown Location of your Kids

Jumpto Internet security ensures that your child's location is never exposed through the secure web browser. Jumpto security software helps protect children from being tracked while on the Internet.

Read MoreJumpto hides your child's physical location by relocating their point of access to the Internet somewhere in the world. Your child appears to be in another place at all times.


Age Appropriate Content for all Kids

Jumpto's team of early childhood education experts sort approved websites into age defined categories. Your child can ONLY access Internet content available for their age group that is set by each parent.

Read MoreAll Jumpto Internet content for children is grouped into four main categories from toddlers to teenagers.


Filtered Content by Experts

Jumpto's team of early childhood education experts screen and approve websites on the Internet for age appropriate content. All websites are also analyzed for their external links before they can be accessed by children.

Read MoreTeachers, parents and children can submit favourite sites to our team's attention for approval.