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Secure Browsing

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JUMPTO web browser, designed for Internet security, permits access to content anywhere in the world with complete privacy and anonymity.

Our Own Secure Web Browser

JUMPTO team created a custom web browser designed specifically for Internet security, which allows private and anonymous web browsing.

Read MoreThe solution alleviates the security and privacy concerns of users who access the Internet from or through unknown foreign networks. Users may also secure other browsers by routing data through Jumpto. 


Multi-Layer Anonymous Proxy

JUMPTO renders your personal IP address untraceable.  Employing multiple paths for your data, JUMPTO protects your personal identity. 

Read MoreYour Internet security is ensured via an anonymous multi-layer proxy.  Your physical location will remain secure, private and anonymous.


Secure Network Anywhere

JUMPTO protects you when accessing the Internet at home, at work, or through open and unsecured networks such as public Wi-Fi hotspots. 

Read MoreJUMPTO secure web browser permits Internet browsing from any location without exposing your identity or the content that you are browsing.


Secure Network without a VPN

JUMPTO secure web browser offers users security on the Internet without any knowledge of networking, Internet security or computer configuration. 

Read MoreYou are not required to understand complex VPN type connections as JUMPTO is not a VPN and does not attach the user to foreign networks. Users may also secure other software by routing data through Jumpto.


User Specified Server Location

JUMPTO Internet security software allows you to easily choose your proxy location anywhere in the world where JUMPTO servers are located. 

Read MoreJUMPTO creates an encrypted Internet connection between you and the proxy servers of your choice with a simple click on a virtual map of the world.


Powerful Encryption

JUMPTO protects your identity by establishing an encrypted virtual application tunnel that anonymizes all your transmitted data while on the Internet. 

Read MoreJUMPTO secure web browser provides you Internet security by automatically restricting, encrypting and re-routing communication in a seamless manner.


High Speed Browser

JUMPTO has a very fast browser; all the features that you need and none of the overhead that you don't need.  Internet speed is rarely compromised.

Read MoreJUMPTO will permit very fast access to Internet content anywhere in the world by anyone interested in seeing it, securely, privately and anonymously.


Secure Bandwidth Monitor

JUMPTO Internet security software monitors your secure bandwidth usage.  Network connectivity and Internet security status is also reported. 

Read MoreYou have full control over the amount of bandwidth you use.  Detailed secure bandwidth monitoring and network security status are available in real-time.